At Maiden Gully Primary we believe wellbeing and relationships underpin the success and achievements of our students. We pursue excellence, which is encourages high student attendance and punctuality. Our school provides opportunities to inspire student engagement in learning and actively encourage students to look forward to tomorrow. Our philosophy towards student success and achievement is reinforced through our School Values of Responsibility, Respect, Community and Teamwork.

Maiden Gully Primary is located 7 kilometres west of the City of Greater Bendigo in a delightful rural fringe environment.  Maiden Gully is an identifiable community within a ‘growth corridor’ supported by the
Maiden Gully Progress Association. The school has an enrolment of approximately 580 students and 50 staff. At Maiden Gully Primary we are proud of the strong community atmosphere that forms the foundation of our school and active, wider community.

We are proud of our student learning data which shows that our school is above the State average in all learning areas. Our dedicated team drives innovation and excellence across all areas in our school and continually strive for improvement in teaching and learning.For 2023, our Annual Implementation Plan goals focus on teaching and learning in numeracy, writing and wellbeing. This will be supported by a coaching model for teachers and access to best practice professional development. 

At Maiden Gully Primary, we are committed to learning design that incorporates student agency and recognises that learning is enabled through digital technologies. Digital teaching and learning opportunities begin in Foundation to Year 2 classroom and are an important step in preparing students to develop digital learning capabilities. 

We take pride in fostering the growth of the whole child; academically, physically, socially and emotionally. We stress the importance of kindness and the ability to care for self and others, working together to benefit and contribute the school and wider community. Maiden Gully Primary is a wonderful place to learn, grow and succeed.