Performing Arts – Music & Drama

Poppea White and Vicki Redwood

The benefits of participating in performing arts programs are valuable and numerous. Performing arts programs help to build self-confidence and form social connections. From improvisation to performing in front of an audience, children learn to explore outside their comfort zone, think outside the box, express their thoughts and ideas, solve problems and build trust. In addition, performing arts help improve communication skills by allowing students to understand, explore, experiment and express themselves.
Curriculum Overview
In Term Two, students will delve into the world of puppetry! Through exploring the fascinating history and various types of puppets, student will gain a deeper understanding of this unique art form.  In collaboration with visual arts, they will have the opportunity to design and build their own puppets. They will then showcase their skills by performing a short skit with their puppets, bringing their characters to life. 

In this puppetry unit, students will explore various types of puppets, with the focus on a specific type:
Grade Prep, 1 and 2 

Students will explore the world of stick and hand puppets. They will learn how to manipulate the puppets to create different movements and expressions as well as how to develop known stories with their characters. 
Grade 3 and 4 

Students will delve into the enchanting realm of shadow puppets. They will explore how to create different effects with light and shadow as well as how to create their own shadow puppet show. Students will also learn about the cultural significance of shadow puppetry. 
Grade 5 and 6 

The Performing Arts program will partner with Visual Arts and students will be inspired by the artist Osa Rosti to create their own paper mâché hand puppets. The will explore the techniques of paper mâché to add texture, colour and expression to their puppets. They will also learn how to manipulate their puppets to create different emotions and movements and develop their own storylines for simple puppet shows. 
We are also excited to announce that auditions for the school concerts will be held in Term 2. We are looking forward to seeing the incredible talents on display in the upcoming concerts in Term 3.
Keep your eyes and ears open for more information about the concerts towards the end of this term.