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Foundation Extra-curricular Highlights

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Independent Learning Time (ILT)

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Home Partnership

Daily Home reading We encourage families to establish a routine for daily home reading. A regular time and place will help you and your child to remember and enjoy the reading. This is an extremely important part of your child’s education. We have found that the most effective learning occurs with an effective home – school partnership. 
From Prep to Grade Six, we expect that all students read 5 nights a week. At the beginning of Prep, before readers come home, we encourage parents to read a story each day. This helps to expose your child to written language; how it sounds, what it looks like, and better still, it helps them associate reading as a pleasurable activity.
Supporting Maths at Home In Foundation, helping with maths looks like play and talk. We are trying to build awareness and vocabulary. Any counting games, board games, travel games (eg car cricket, sign spotto), and so forth will support your child to become aware of mathematics in their environment and improve their number skills. Have them sort and categorise objects into groups according to any rule you can think of (value, height, length, weight, colour, shape… the list is endless), then count how many their are in each group. Talk about which has more, less, or which have an equal amount. 


Essential Blocks Advanced Heading

Essential Blocks Advanced Heading

‘Creating Successful Readers’ Information Session Recording

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