Class Structure

Student Life at Maiden Gully Primary School

Our Class Structure is as follows.

Maiden Gully Primary School will offer a 27 grade model in 2024 with single year level classes. The overall enrolment will be similar to, or marginally higher, than that of this year. Our planning aims to keep class sizes as low as possible and currently equates to on average 21 students per class. The grade structure is as follows:

  • Foundation, 3 classes 
  • Grade 1, 4 classes 
  • Grade 2, 4 classes 
  • Grade 3, 4 classes 
  • Grade 4, 4 classes 
  • Grade 5, 4 classes 
  • ​Grade 6, 4 classes 

At Maiden Gully Primary School, we understand that school is an important chapter in your child’s life and we aim to provide programs to meet the learning needs of your child and help them feel secure and happy in their journey through school.

To find out more about what is happening at each year level, please visit the their pages through the menu at the top of the page.